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PBM Website is now live!
Posted on Dec 20th, 2009

Please note the following:
1. PBM website home page is available to the public. However, to access the content of the website and communicate with the property manager and/or the board, PBM resident must be a registered user with a valid login id and password.
2. Registering on the website is very simple. To register:
a. Click on the word Register which is next to the word Login on the left margin and enter all pertinent information,
b. Make sure to enter the unique letters shown above the SUBMIT button at the end of the registration page,
c. Click on the SUBMIT button when you’ve completed the form,
d. A login ID and password will be created and sent to your email ddress,
e. Some of the residents who were present at the 2009 homeowners meeting have already been added to the site.
3. You can now communicate with PBM’s Property Manager and the Board by utilizing the Contact Us section under the Residents section on the left margin.
a. This section is only available to members who can login to the site. Your comments, question and requests will be sent to the PBM board or PBM Property Manager.
b. The SEND To section has two options: PBM Board & PBM Property Manager.  Select PBM Property Manager for your maintenance issues.
c. The Subject section has two options:  Comments & questions and Property Maintenance Issues.
For all maintenance related issues, please choose PBM Property Manager for the Send To and Property Maintenance Issues for the Subject.
4. Under the Documents Section, topic areas have been added for future addition and revision. Some key websites and telephone numbers have been added for easy reference. Residents are encouraged to send the names and telephone number of the service providers they would like to recommend and they’ll be added for the community access.